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The HFC Story

Heartland Fiber Co. first opened the doors in October 2008 in a tiny, 250 square foot room adjacent to a consignment shop, but quickly outgrew those digs. Then, a door of opportunity opened when the owner of a decorating shop on the square asked if we would like to share her store space. We expanded to 500 square feet and were able to provide an atmosphere where knitters and crocheters could come in, sit down, have a cup of coffee, visit, knit and learn. Then, in March of 2010, a storefront opened up and we moved to the north side of Winterset’s historic square ( next to the famous Northside Cafe’) where we planned to stay! The coffee was still on and now we had LOTS of room to visit, knit and learn. Sadly, the building went up for sale, but we found another on the east side of the square with much more potential.  The posse helped with the move in early 2012 and the business grew.

In 2014, I decided, in partnership with a group of friends, to purchase a building on the west side of the square. I broke the news to my ‘posse’ in early September and, wait for it…moved again in October. This is an amazing opportunity to stay put for a very long time. We are now in the 'Upstairs' of a historic, 1500 square foot plus building and loving every minute!

Heartland Fiber isn’t just about selling fibers and notions—we offer a wide range of classes, plus we participate in many community and charitable events. Purple hats for babies, Knitted Knockers, hats and scarves for CRISP-  we've provided our talents for several charities. 

I'm the ‘official’ owner—meaning I pays the bills!  However, the ‘posse’ is a valued part of the store and I value their opinions and patronage. Many of them have helped with inventory, working a day while I need to be gone or pitching in to help a customer if I'm busy.

Have you ever read the book “Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair” by Laurie Perry? That’s me! Well, maybe 2/3 of that. I live in a little brick house in Winterset with Boss and Harley—my feline children (who you will often find at the yarn shop) and my newly adopted Kathmandu, a 15 year old matriarch.  My human children are all grown up and making their mark on the world. Bryan is an attorney in Gulf Port, MS; Nick (pictured here with me) and his wife Sofia live in Winterset.  He is a high school teacher at Dallas Center Grimes.  Jack lives in Des Moines and is a builder who did the remodeling and restoration of our historic Heartland Fiber yarn shop in the Upstairs. I have one grandson, Levi, who is a proud third grader.  I love all things crafty, thrive in my gardens, and my favorite knitting project is the one I can get finished. What is that saying, ‘a cobbler’s children has no shoes’…?

If you are ever in Winterset, whether it’s to see the the Iowa Quilt Museum, the famous covered bridges, John Wayne’s Birthplace, or to attend the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival in October, bring your knitting and stop by for a cup of coffee. We’d love to have you!

~ Amy

HFC is honored to be Vogue Knitting’s LYS in the Winter 2014/2015 issue!

Stop by and take a look!